Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, is a way for small farmers to directly market their produce to the community, and for the community to support its local farmers. Kirsop Farm believes this cooperation is essential in the realization of a sustainable Thurston County.

You purchase a "share" from Kirsop Farm, which entitles you to weekly deliveries of fresh produce throughout a designated season. You pick up your share at the Farm or at a convenient drop site. This arrangement gives you access to the freshest produce available at reasonable prices and gives you a direct connection to "your" Farm and your source of food.

How we choose to spend our food dollars is a means of voting for the kind of world we would like to live in. When we purchase food grown locally, we not only receive great food, but we begin to change our local landscape. Local organic farms benefit their community in many ways. They contribute to greater local food security and cultural identity, preserve green spaces, attract wildlife, and help circulate money within the local economy.

Located in southwest Olympia, Kirsop Farm is dedicated to providing affordable organic produce while preserving the agricultural heritage of the county. Your support of our farm enables us to continue to support others doing good work in our community. Kirsop Farm has long been involved with Garden Raised Bounty, South of the Sound Community Farm Land Trust, and others.

“Gather your friends, go to the farmer’s market, collect the local gifts nurtured by the heroes of our land, create a magnificent meal, invite people you don’t know, take a long time to eat and truly taste every morsel.”
- Paul Hawken